Managed Website Hosting

Managed Shared Webhosting

Bronze – Shared Webhosting



10 GB Disk Space

100 GB Traffic

1 Domain

1 Email Accounts

Tier 2 and 3 Support *

Anti-Virus *

Nightly Backups *

* Included In All Plans

Gold – Shared Webhosting



25 GB Disk Space

200 GB Traffic

3 Domains

5 Email Accounts

3 MySQL Databases

Managed Website Hosting Chicago

Platinum – Shared Webhosting



50 GB Disk Space

500 GB Traffic

5 Domains

10 Email Accounts

5 MySQL Databases

Managed Website Hosting Chicago

Managed LEMP Stack

Managed Ubuntu virtual machine running a LEMP (Linux, NGINX, MariaDB, PHP) stack.

Bronze – Managed LEMP VPS



1 vCPU


25 GB SSD Storage

Unlimited Websites / Domains *

Dedicated IPV4 IP Address *

Dedicated IPV6 /64 Block *

Anti-Virus (Platinum Plan Only)

Nightly Backups *

Update & Patch Management *

Basic Configuration *

* Included In All Plans

Gold – Managed LEMP VPS



1 vCPU


50 GB SSD Storage

Managed Website Hosting Chicago

Plat – Managed LEMP VPS



2 vCPU


100 GB SSD Storage

Managed Website Hosting Chicago


Can I upgrade storage or account limitations like the amount of domains?

We do not adjust individual resources, however, you’re free to upgrade to a higher tiered hosting plan at any time to increase your usable resources.

How do the backups occur?

Backups occur nigthly in a snapshot manner as well as every four hours through the hosting panel add-on that we manage. We can recover from these backups at your request. Backups are retained for seven days for Bronze and Gold plans and 30 days for Platinum plans.

Are there any discounts for pre-paying?

Yes, we offer discounts when pre-paying for a year of service or longer. You can contact us with the exact term you’d like to pre-pay for in order to determine the exact level of discounts.

What is Tier 2 and 3 support?

Our support revolves around addressing all outstanding issues that you’re unable to fix yourself. We manage the underlying web server and services. Should an issue occur with your website, we’ll be happy to assist you.

Ready for hassle-free website hosting?

ChicagoCloud offers managed website hosting in downtown Chicago. Our servers run entirely on NVMe storage and our downtown Chicago datacenter provides your website with the low latency, speed and support no one else can match!