Email API Hosting

SMTP / API / Webhook Email

Dedicated – Email API Hosting



Unlimited Email Sending

Unlimited Domains

Unlimited Domain Users

1 Dedicated IPV4 Address

Dedicated /64 IPV6 Block

API, SMTP, Webhook Access

Patch & Software Management *

Anti-Virus *

Nightly Backups *

* Included In All Plans

Bronze – Shared Email API



75,000 emails per month

2 Domains

2 Organization Users

API, SMTP, Webhooks


Email API Hosting

Platinum – Shared Email API



500,000 emails a month

5 Domains

10 Organization Users

API, SMTP, Webhooks


Email API Hosting


Do I pay extra for going over my monthly email limit?

We do not charge extra for exceeding your monthly sending limit. Should this occur multiple months in a row, we will require you to upgrade to a higher plan that can accomodate your specific needs.

What's the difference between dedicated and shared?

Shared Email API plans provide you with a user on one of our own virtualized servers used for email API. We manage the services and the underlying hardware and you simply log in to the provided portal and utilize the email API service. The shared plans come with their respective limitations depending on the package you choose. The dedicated hosting plan provides you with your very own dedicated virtualized server that can be used for email API. We manage the underlying services and hardware with such a plan, however, you retain full administrative control over the configuration and are not limited in any way on re-selling such a service or configuring it to suit your needs. The dedicated plans do not have any limitations as it relates to the amount of users, domains or emails sent per month. 

Can I use this service to send unsolicited emails?

No. Our services are offered only for customers utilizing them within the law. Any spam/bulk emails are strictly prohibited on our network and we do not allow violations of the CAN-SPAM Act to occur on any of our services. Such violations are subject to service termination without the possiblity of a refund. See our AUP and TOS

Are there any discounts for long-term agreements?

Yes, please contact us directly and we will be happy to provide you with a discount when signing a long-term service agreement. 

Ready to ditch the nickel-and-dime SMTP providers?

ChicagoCloud offers Email API hosting without the exorbinant costs. We charge only the monthly fees without any overages or tricks. You truly get what you pay for with our Email API services.