FreePBX Hosting

The FreePBX hosting your business needs. Operate an independent phone system without exorbinant pricing; yet with priority technical support.

Cloud Consulting Services

Pay Less & Phone More


Our team has extensive experience working in phone environments of all sizes. Our VoIP implementation engineers have a proven track record that allows us to navigate around any complexities and challenges on your FreePBX journey.


We implement and manage your hosted FreePBX server; so you never have to learn anything new or pay exorbinant fees to fix an outstanding issue. Managed FreePBX hosting is the path forward for your business communications.


Every FreePBX environment is built out to suit the needs of your business. Custom greetings, IVR’s, hold music, emergency routing, extensions, phones and anything else you desire tailored specifically to your business needs. 

Navigating Hurdles

ChicagoCloud ensures neither you nor your employees ever have to navigate any hurdles as it relates to your business communications. We navigate the hurdles on your behalf, often, before you even have a chance to notice anything is amiss. We’re happy to create, remove and adjust configurations or resolve issues should they occur.

After all, hosting is what we do best.


Having a dedicated and managed FreePBX server comes with a variety of features and customizability no other provider can match. Most notably, you will attain the following benefits and features:


  • Professionally maintained server with unlimited bandwidth and built-in uptime monitoring that relays real-time information to us.
  • Unlimited extensions, so you never pay for adding a phone.
  • Unlimited inbound routes, so you never pay for adding a number.
  • High quality calls through a combination of proven audio codecs and a strategic low-latency location in the heart of Chicago.
  • Easy future migrations through the export and import configuration functionalities built-in to FreePBX.
  • Advanced call management; so you control when to ring, record, forward, send to voicemail and much more.
  • Advanced firewall and anti-virus controls to ensure your phone system remains both functional and secure.

Dedicated VoIP Makes Sense


Phone Bill Reduction (avg)

Time Savings (avg)


Latency Improvement