Terms of Service


ChicagoCloud appreciates satisfied customers. Should something go wrong involving a service, our Terms of Service help lay out a foundation on which we base our decisions and provide our services.

Use of Products and Services


ChicagoCloud is a strong supporter of net-neutrality as well as the freedom of speech. We allow any content to be hosted on our services provided that it is legal according to the laws of the United States and does not break any of the points in our Terms of Service or our Acceptable Use Policy.

In order to utilize our services, customers are required to provide current and accurate identification, contact information and other details as part of the registration and ordering processes. Customers are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and accuracy of their account information as well as all of the activities that occur under their accounts. Should a customer identify a security issue with their account, they agree to immediately notify ChicagoCloud and understand that we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage that occurs as a result of a customer’s failure to keep their account secure or maintaining accurate account information on file.

We retain the right to cancel or suspend Customer’s access to their services with ChicagoCloud at any time and for any reason without prior notice. Any cancellations or suspensions immediately remove the Customer’s rights to utilize said services. After a service has been terminated or suspended, a Customer may no longer have access to data that was stored on the service. The customer is responsible for backing up any data that they may store or use with their service. Should ChicagoCloud cancel a Customer’s services in their entirety without cause, we will provide a refund on a pro-rata basis except where not feasible, such as in the cases of third-party licensing that does not offer pro-rata billing. In such cases, pro-rated refunds will be offered for only the service fees that are not outside of our control.

Conditions of Use

Our customers understand and agree that any violations outlined in our Acceptable Use Policy are considered to be prohibited on our infrastructure. Any prohibited usage may result in immediate account suspensions and/or terminations without compensation.

Intentional or malicious violations of our Acceptable Use Policy will result in immediate termination as well as a ban on ordering or utilizing any future services.




Invoices for recurring services will be issued between 15 to 10 days in advance of their due dates.

Any unpaid services will be suspended 7 days past their due date.

Any unpaid services will be terminated 21 days past their due date.

Customers understand that a service that has been terminated may result in the deletion of their service and the corresponding data without the possibility of data recovery.

Account Credits

Any account credits existing on a customer’s account do not expire but they cannot be transferred, converted for currency or refunded/returned.

Any existing account credits are automatically applied towards future invoices until they are exhausted. At the discretion of the Billing Department, we may forego the automatic application of account credits to select invoices. 

Account credits may be issued by ChicagoCloud directly as a form of compensation and may also be added to an account by the authorized account owner through a deposit function.

Account Registration

User Information

All customers must provide their legal first and last name, business names (if applicable) and the appropriate billing addresses when registering their account or ordering a service. We reseve the right to require a customer maintain a valid and accurate payment method on file with a signed automatic payment agreement for certain services.

Any registrations or service orders must be submitted through a legitimate local (geographically) internet service provider.

As a fraud prevention measure, we do not allow the usage of proxies or VPN’s during the registration or ordering process.

In the event a business account is created, we require that customers provide the legitimate name and email address for at least one key decision maker. We may also, on occasion, request that a customer provide us with proof of the legal existence of a business before access to any services is provided.

Important Notes

No client should open multiple personal accounts.

We allow clients to open and maintain ONE personal account as well as ONE business account for every legally incorporated business. Personal accounts are limited to one per person.

All personal accounts are forbidden from being transferred or changed to any other individual.

Business account ownership may be transferred with advance notice and appropriate documentation by contacting support.

We reserve the right to place a hold on a newly registered account and any ordered services in the event that we suspect fraud or malicious use of the ordered service. We also reserve the right to decline to provide an ordered service. Should this occur, the service order will be cancelled and a full refund will be issued to the payment method used during the ordering process. We will not, under any circumstance, allow refunds for such orders to be sent to an alternate payment method.


Credit and Debit Cards

Any credit or debit card transactions are eligible for a refund within five business days of the initial order payment. This refund only applies to newly ordered services during their first billing cycle.


All cryptocurrency payments are not eligible for refunds.

Bank Accounts

ACH payments intitiated through on-file bank accounts are not eligible for a refund unless a billing/invoicing mistake has occurred. If a billing/invoicing mistake has occurred, we reserve the right to apply the difference to the customer’s account credit to be utilized for a future invoice.

Customers are responsible for ensuring that payments clear their bank accounts and that they maintain accurate banking information. Any fees (such as NSF) resulting from a customer’s lack of maintaining an active and current bank account on file will be applied to the outstanding balance.

Important Notes

Any initiated chargebacks and disputes will result in an immediate suspension of the entire account and all other account services until the dispute is resolved.

We reserve the right to terminate any accounts without compensation in the event of a dispute or chargeback.

Processing and Provisioning

Provisioning / Processing

Most hosting services are provisioned during business hours. Emergency provisionings may occur outside of business hours after the payment of mutually agreed-upon fees. We require that all required contact information is provided and that all outstanding payments are made before any provisioning or processing of services will take place.

Any newly created orders that remain unpaid for more than 72 hours will be automatically removed.

As described in the User Information portion of our Acceptable Use Policy, any usage of proxies or VPN’s during the registration or ordering process may delay and even cause the cancellation of your order.

Certain services require additional processing times due to the complexity involved in their creation. Should your order call for a more complex configuration, we reserve the right to require an additional 2-3 business days to provision such a service.

Transfer of Services

An existing service may be transferred to another account provided that:

  • The service in question has been active for at least six months prior to the transfer request.
  • The service in question is current on any and all invoices.
  • The service in question does not have any violations as they relate to our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy.
  • The receiving account confirms the acceptance of such a transfer.
  • The receiving account is current on any and all invoices.
  • The receiving account does not have any violations on file as they relate to our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy.

Service Cancellations

Any services not currently subject to a long-term agreement may be cancelled via a support ticket by providing at least 15 days notice. Should your service be subject to a long-term agreement, please reach out to the billing department directly for specific information on cancellations as they relate to your services.

Once the cancellation date occurs, the services in question will be terminated and all relevant data (including backups where applicable) will be destroyed. If your service has a dedicated public IP address associated with it, that public IP will be released back into the available pool. We are unable to reverse this process or recover any data after this process has occurred.

Should a service cancellation occur before the due date, any pro-rata credits or adjustments will be applied to the client’s account credit balance.

Service Suspensions and Terminations

When a service is suspended, it is brought offline and any external access is disabled. No data will be made available and the service will not be brought back online until the situation that resulted in the suspension has been resolved.

When a service is terminated, all related data, configurations and backups are destroyed alongside with it. Any associated IP addresses will also be unassigned from the service.

Legal Information

ChicagoCloud is based in the United States and operates equipment strictly in United States datacenters. As such, we are duly required to abide by any court orders or subpeonas issued by government entities within the United States. Any legally binding requests will be complied with to the fullest extent of the law after the proper verification (legal and otherwise) has occurred.


Miscellanous Information

Support Hours

We provide 24/7/365 support for select services. Customers utilizing select services are provided with an emergency email they can utilize to receive emergency support outside of standard business hours. These services include customer and/or tenant specific support agreements relating to the level of support offered and support availability.

We offer support for the remainder of our managed cloud services during standard business hours between Monday and Friday. Any non-critical support tickets submitted outside of business hours will be addressed on the following business day in both the order they were received and the level of their importance.

We reserve the right to address certain support tickets outside of standard business hours at our discretion, when not subject to a custom support agreement.

Contacting Support

You may contact support at our support email or by contacting us via phone. Should your request revolve around an abuse report or a legal request, please submit all relevant information along with your request on our Acceptable Use Policy page.