Acceptable Use Policy


ChicagoCloud is a strong supporter of net-neutrality and freedom of speech. We abide by the laws and regulations of the United States and the rights afforded to us by the United States Constitution.

We do our best to follow a Law of the Land stance when it comes to services hosted on our infrastructure.

Abuse Definitions

Unsolicited Communications

Any email-based communications sent without the consent of the recipient. Knowingly permitting or initiating such communications is grounds for termination of your services.

Malicious Content

Any types of scripts, code or other files that perform harmful actions and are in violation of United States laws are grounds for the immediate termination of your services.

Resource Abuse

Any intentional activity that consumes an adverse amount of system resources and negatively affects other clients or network equipment is strictly prohibited on our network.

Remedial Actions


In the event that intentional or malicious abuse activities are detected, all services on the user’s account will be immediately terminated. No compensation will be offered in such situations and the user will be prohibited from ever ordering or holding any services with us in the future.

Should an individual abuse offense occur, the offending service will be marked for suspension. A support ticket detailing the reasoning behind the pending suspension will be created and sent to the service owner with the necessary remedial steps that they must take. Once we have received a notification that the issue was corrected, the ticket will be closed. If we do not receive a reply in regards to the abuse notification within 48 hours, the service will be brought offline and will remain in a suspended state until we receive an acknowledgement of the issue from the service owner.

Failures to address abuse cases can result in your services being suspended and, in certain cases, even completely terminated.



Examples of Forbidden Uses


Our customers may utilize our services for any legal activities (per United States laws). Examples of uses that are forbidden on our networks due to being illegal or due to the possibility of them causing issues with our infrastructure and negatively affecting other customers are listed, but not limited to, the below activities:

  • DDoS or amplification attacks
  • IP Spoofing
  • Unsolicited communications
  • Malware distributions
  • Hosting of phishing websites
  • Mass port scanning
  • CPU, GPU or Storage mining related to crypto currency
  • Sending of threatening emails or messages
  • Ransomware related activities
  • Any activities that are illegal in the United States



Need to submit an abuse report?

You may submit an abuse report by using the form below. All abuse reports are reviewed during business hours in the order they are received. Please ensure that the report you are submitting is both in regards to a service hosted with ChicagoCloud and engaging in activities that are illegal in the United States.

We reserve the right to forward any abuse reports directly to our customers.